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You can search using a variety of parameters including "Character Keywords", Creator names, characters that you will soon be able to vote for, and more!

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We take pride in our "Character Database"!
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You Can Look For A Variety Of Characters!
>>There are many undiscovered original characters here at "charaFAN".
You will find that special character just for you!

The Next Big Character?!
>>Almost all of the characters here at charaFAN have been, or will take part in, the "Popularity Contest."
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Try various searches to find a character that you like!

Creator Search
>>You can search for your favorite creator by their handle or their signature.
Of course you can also browse through all of the creators by clicking the "View All" button!

Keyword Search
>>You can search for a character by using keywords like "cute", "scary", or "cool"!
Find a character that you like!

Category Search
>>You can search based on voting results, characters that are currently in the "Popularity Contest", characters that are works in progress, and more!

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