What's [Creator University]?
Hello everyone! I am the Principal of Creator University, Takeda. Nice to meet you!

At Creator University we provide guidance on creator registration and [charapro dotcom] contents for people wanting to be creators on the site. We also offer information on technology and character creation and development.

For those who want to register as a Creator (which requires a fee), first take a look at the [What's charaFAN] page and complete the Free Registration Process.

You can't access the Creator Registration Page without first completing the free registration process.

Once you are registered as a free member, come here to [Creator University].
I will guide you through the registration procedure.

I'm looking forward to your enrollment!

*For Your Reference* The many things a Creator can do

"Creator" refers to someone who devises and creates characters, and illustrates them and their personalities.

It is not as simple as drawing a character illustration. We need Creators who can create and construct characters with interesting stories.

Here at [charapro dotcom],the Creator can join a number of features like the "Popularity Contest" (Depending on the creator membership grade, services and privileges are different.)

There is a possibility that your registered character could be presented to licensees.
(For more details please refer to the [What's charaFAN?] page.)

To use these and other [charapro dotcom] services as a creator, applications and contracts are required in accordance with the terms of each service.

(For details of content, application process and contracts, please refer to the Creator University School Tour).

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