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"charaICHI", which is run by Toppan Character Production CO., LTD. is a site where you can license your original characters. We have up to the minute marketing information available.

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Character Popularity Ranking

The 135th Popular Group

ウィアーズアリババ 0%
オズ 0%
B・DキャーッTs 0%
spring is here 0%
Little Bonze 0%

The 136th Popular Group

ラビィ 0%
Cyocyo-Monyu 0%
Pero 0%
Mew Mew Muget 0%
ぐるぐる グルメちゃん 0%
BB(ベアボーイ) 0%

The 137th Popular Group

コズミックホリデー 0%
Roboneko V4 0%
ドリーミィータイム 0%
ピエロ 0%
CYUUU-tan 0%
ハッピーリム 0%

The 138th Popular Group

ねこきたる!! 0%
メカキャット 0%
テレマル 0%
cat walk 0%
ミルたん 0%

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